Northern Velebit

The best way to experience Sjeverni Velebit National Park is to walk on one of the 30 hiking trails. Usual starting point for tours is park`s mountain lodge Zavižan, opened in 1953 with one of the most important meteorological stations in Croatia.

Velebit botanical garden founded in 1967, containing over 500 different plant species, in now under the direction of the Park. Northern Velebit National Park is famous for its Strict nature reserves Hajducki i Rozanski peeks as well as for Lukina jama (Lukina pit) that is 1.421 meters deep, and is one of the deepest pits in the world.

The most famous resident of Velebit gardens, depicted on a coin of Croatian 50 cents, the rarest plant in Croatia, the only species in its genus, having Velebit as its only habitat in the world, is Velebitska degenija (Degenia velebitica).